onsdag, november 20, 2013

Knitting, socks and mittens... :-)

Some days ago I had an idea about my leather mittens, and the old inner lining...
It didn't look nice, so I decided to knit a pair.
I used Rauma Finull yarn, and made a simple pattern, just so it would fit the size of the old lining.
Washed them, and let them shrink a little bit to bee thicker and tighter.
Result as you can see, ok?

 ... And I also made a new pair of socks for one of the grandchildren. As a result of this pair nr. 1 I need to make some more in the same stile.  ( of course)
The pattern (my own)  is the same as the socks with 1 thread of cotton, but in this I have 2 threads only in the foot, and smaller rolls with different colors in the leg.

But even if I'm not showing any sewing today, don't believe that nothing is happening....
Just wait and see....
Have a nice week end, ( I know we will...  :-)   )


10 kommentarer:

  1. Gillar dina grå-vita vantar skarpt :)
    Ha det gott!

  2. Härligt att ha fina saker att värma fötter och händer med.Nu kommer kylan.
    Kram Gudrun

  3. Så flotte votter og sokker! Jeg er spent på hva du syr. Løperen under her var kjempefin:)

  4. Vantarna blev så fina och sockarna är bara så läckra. Jag förstår att alla barnbarnen vill ha var sitt par.

  5. Vilka härliga vantar och sockar du stickat! Önskar dig också en fin weekend! Kram

  6. I like your knitting! The socks are bright, just right for kids, and the mittens look very warm.

  7. Så flotte votter og sokker du har strikket, Ingrid! God helg :)

  8. I could put those wonderful socks and mittens to use here in the cold Texas sleet & ice! They're pretty..Inga!