fredag, januar 03, 2014

Status for Hasenbach PP

Hello everybody.

As you know I joined this Challenge after the summer vacation, and the plan was to finish by end December 2013.
AS a plan is just that, I did Not manage to fulfill it, but I'm coming there, hopefully sooner then later... :-D

This is how it looks like today, and I have 1 big block with a house to finish, and some small blocks to get it all together.

And of course, since Katrin with the blog is such a superb cheer-leader, I also took on the 2014 challenge.
Waiting to see what that will bring me.... oooppps, it my be difficult!!

Have a wonderful sewing New year all of you.

Hugs and regards from Ingrid


5 kommentarer:

  1. You did very well, you almost finished the quilt in half a year, other ladies have been working on it for 12 month. And since you will sew in the next challenge, I bet you will be the first one to show a finish!

  2. IT looks nice! I love the colour blue, so this one appeals to me! Good luck with the finish, and with the next challenge as well!
    A happy new and creative year to you as well!

  3. I think you have done very well so far, Ingrid! Good luck on the finishing, and the starting of another one. I wish you all the best for the new year! Love from Liv Aagot :)

  4. Den blir jättevacker men det kommer förhoppningsvis fler jular.

  5. This is a very pretty quilt ! Wow