onsdag, august 21, 2013

Visit in Tromsö :-)

Vi var en tur i Tromsö i helgen. Flott natur og trivelig selskap.
Fikk hilse på dattern som har reist opp dit for å jobbe i 1 år. Hun stortrives :-)
..og det forstår jeg.

We visited Trömsö in Norway this weekend. The city is one of biggest north of the Polar Circle.

Litt av hva vi så:
This is a few pictures of all the things we found:


Ishavskatedralen sett fra sentrum
The church seen from the city center.

Sommaröy, flott korallsand

Vistit at Sommaröy, a small island at the coast, on 69 close to 70 degree north, 350 km north of the Polar Circle....

if you like to see pictures taken by others, from Sommaröy and Tromsö.....

Back to my pictures....
Coral sand, at 69  north

Grötfjord, og en Tjeld
Big rock at the beach at Grötfjord, and the bird watching us...
It's the North Atlantic ocean in the west...

We had coffee and sandwithces with us.
Tasted marvelous.....

The Polar Museum, in Tromsö

Visit at the Polar Museum. This is a Flag that Roald Amundsen had on his trips.
Its was many things to see, also a small polar bear, only 3 mnt. old....

I also delivered some socks I made before the trip, and they became popular.
Have a nice day.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful scenery ! I like seeing pictures of you too !

  2. I love Tromsø and its surroundings. Very beautiful area of Norway.

  3. You had beautiful weather, we have a saying here it says: "When angels travel, the weather is nice".
    Glad you had such a nice trip.