tirsdag, august 27, 2013

Paper piecing or socks??

Paper piecing?
It helps to be a  little tiny bit mad....
Or what do you say about this block??

I started yesterday, and it's a looong way to go. Hopefully I will have a finished block to show you on the 31st......   :-)

When making the Block of the M with http://www.oresundsquiltarna.se/, I avoided the PP  blocks, they looked just too much. And then I go ahead and join this PP challenge in the Blogworld !! I must be a little bit mad, I think....
Just look at my right hand side of the blog, on the Hasenbach Challenge 2013.

Or, ( if I use my brain)  I could use the time to knit more socks.....
I have 3 grandchildren in Norway, and I would like to surprise them with a pare the next time I'm visiting. It's sure much more practical, but who would be that all the time??
I say, be a little bit mad, You only have one life ( as fare as I know)

Pink/cerise  socks with white stripes. When wearing they could be pushed down so only the pink will show, and the tiny stripe of mixed colors on the top.
Knitted with double yarn, 1 thread cotton and one alpaca.
Soft and warm.
Have a nice day.  :-)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely socks. Your PP looks interesting .

  2. Hvor har du funnet spennende PP mønster? PP er teknikken jeg liker aller best, men det er vanskelig å finne utfordrende mønstre. (les: småstilt) Har du mønstertips tar jeg gjerne imot:) Lestane dine ser varme og gode ut:)

    1. Hei Trine
      Det fant jeg hos Cattinka, se blogposten under.
      Claudia Hasenbach har laget det, og hun har mange andre også.

  3. You made nice warm socks for the girls, they will appreciate them when the cold weather comes.
    As to pp, yes, it is a lot of work, but it is also worth it. I am glad you joined the challange, and aren´t we all a little bit crazy?
    See you on the 31st on the blogs!

  4. ja hur tokig kan man bli. Rätt kul att sy PP, men tålamodsprövande att ta bort pappren.
    Kul att sticka strumporna också. Läckra chockrosa strumpor som du gjort. Jag har börjat på ett par lila nu efter din beskrivning.

  5. I love PP, but never made one as challenging as this one looks! Love the socks and I think it's a great idea to mix cotton and Alpaca. Your girls will love them! :)

  6. I love knitted socks but I've never learned to knit....someday maybe! blessings, marlene

  7. That PP would be a nightmare for me. I admire you for even attempting it ! I will love to see it when you finish!