torsdag, august 15, 2013

½ a sock :-)

Hello again.
Still summer, but the evenings are getting darker, and it's cooler in the morning.
I don't want the autumn to come yet, but I think we have no choice.

regarding socks, I will show how it looks when the heel is ready, and I can start picking up stiches on
the edge of the heel.

6 kommentarer:

  1. It is always good to be preparen for the colder days, you socks look like they will be comfortable and warm.

  2. Det blir en härlig socka. Och kul är den att sticka. Jag stickar en rosa

  3. Just nu skulle jag vilja ha dina sockar här på mina fötter!!Bambikramar

  4. Those are gonna be some pretty socks !