søndag, juni 23, 2013

New cosmetic purse, and knitted socks...... :-)

I'm only using my flowery fabrics at the moment, as you know...  :-)
This time I will present my little cosmetic purse.

As I need to carry with me some pills, I made a small plastic envelope.
This way it's easy to see what's inside, and add what's missing.....

And at last, the summers in our countries are not always the warm type, so we need to keep some extra for our feet's at the cold evenings.
New socks for frozen people......

Fits my legs perfectly
This one is too big for me, but I know someone that have the exact correct size...

All 4 pairs. The one to the lower right is for my son....
Have a nice day, and enjoy, IT:S SUMMER !!!!


mandag, juni 17, 2013

Mug bag :-)

Hello all of you, and thanks sew much for all positive comments on my blog for the hop "Tammy bag".
Its overwhelming. I have had more then 600 visitors the last days, and up until now its 68 comments.

Today I will show you my Mug bag.
When we have our guild meetings we always brings a mug for our coffee, and to use a plastic bag is not so nice...
I had more fabric left, so its flowers again.
We also bring a fork and a knife, and I needed to make a space for those as well.

This is how it looks when I have the mug and the tools inside.

When I go to the next meeting I will have both my mug bag, and this new and handy Tammy purse with my hexagons.... needles, tread, scissors, and so on....
The mug bag can also be very handy when I'm out driving and like to stop at a rest area for a bite and a cup of coffee outside. :-)
Have a nice day.

tirsdag, juni 11, 2013

Tammy bag, bloghop, its my day :-)

Hello everybody....

BLOG HOP today!!!

Sorry for publishing a little early, but I need to sit on a bus later to day, and I don't know if the Wireless will be up. My car broke down.... :-(, and I must bee in Oslo this evening.
From the beginning I was not supposed to participate in this hop, but luckily enough I made it. :-)

Thanks to Mdm Samm for  making this pattern and arrange this hop.  This time she also is  our cheer leader.  :-) !!!

To make this bag we also needed a handle, and I was afraid that it would be a problem, but it was easily solved....
I got some of my leftover fabric from the last blog hop, "Say it with Flowers", and used a lining that was in my box for bits and pieces.

The pattern was easy to follow, and now to the big excitement, the Handle.....

I had some small problems because the frame in the original pattern was more square, and this one a little more rounded on the edges, and  I needed to adjust as I went along. I ended up with a small bit on the sides that didn't fit into the frames. I  just stitched them together by hand, from the inside of the purse, as you might be able to see from the picture. 

And then I got the idea to make a small pincushion as well. I took a CD as pattern, and cut out 2 pieces of fabric.
Then I made a line in the middle dividing the circle into 4 sections. Sewing at 1/4 inch on both sides, on the first line, and cutting on the line.  Take the new pieces  and put right sides together again and do the other line.

Your fabric will look like this. Adjust the circle, and sew with the right sides together. If you like to have a small loop as I put into it, do that before you sew them together.
Turn it inside out, fill it and sew the opening by hand. 

The finished result. :-)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today.  :-)

AND, don't forget to visit the other clever participants today:

onsdag, juni 05, 2013

Finished :-) A flirt with ÖQ Block of the Month from 2011

At last.....
In 2011 http://oresundsquiltarna.blogspot.se/
had a Block of the Month series made by Britt-Inger Jönsson and Karin Persson.
I used only some of the blocks, and named the result "A flirt with"...

The flowery fabrics I bought in Paris, the series " Romance de Paris "   made by  Diane de Obaldia.
She has the most wonderful small shop in Paris, http://www.lerouvray.com/index.html
Visit it if you are in the area of  Notre Dame, on the other side of the river....

For the backing I used muslin, and the binding are put together with bits and pieces left from the piecing. In the corners I used a small single wonky star, the original are 4 in one block. For some of the blocks I changed the size,  and some I used more then once, to fit into my setting. All blocks I used are in the original.
Finished size: 65 x 52,5 inch. ( ca. 165x133 cm)

So, the result:


I quilted in "the ditch", and some extra in the card trick blocks. The borders are free hand quilted, and the label are embroidery. :-) (you can almost see it...)

This a  blurry picture of the original, but I don't have any other one, sorry :-(
Just so you can see, its a lot of blocks I did not use, this time. :-)

Have a nice week, and hope the sun are shining on you as well. :-)