torsdag, oktober 31, 2013

End of month, and Hasenbach Challenge

Hello again

I have been sewing and ripping seems and been angry with myself for not washing this dark blue fabric before I started. When using the iron, the white star in the middle turned blue....
So I moved the paper, washed the blocks, and they now look like this..
They turned out ok, so I will use them after all.

And there are some more of this stars, in other fabrics as well.

This pots was in the last presentation as well, but I did not take another picture, so you have to excuse me. :-)

This two are new....

And I also did some more work with this house, put on some decoration along the windows, and a flowerpot outside.
I have been looking at the different possibilities of arranging the blocks together, and found that I think I will do it with small squares at the side.
It will then look like this.
Have purchased fabric to make the church as well, so that's the next block on my agenda.
Hope you all enjoy the Challenge, and that you are making more progress then me...

Have a nice week, and sew in your own time schedule. ( Some months are buzzier then others)


torsdag, oktober 24, 2013

City blocks from Tula Pink, sew together :-)

First I need to thank the 3 "girls" that started this project. :-)
It's great fun, and I have already done my 10 blocks of the month....
and some little extra.

The small triangles I cut off some of the flying geese, I used to sew small" wheels".
This I made into a nametag for my suitcase, and  I used  it in the weekend when I went for a business trip.    Great fun to have your own self-made tag. Will make more of those....

So, here you will find my 10 blocks.
I will make all in pink/lilac and grey tones.

Close up of my cheetah.
På svensk skal det väre en Gepard... :-)


Tag for my suitcase. :-)
Have a nice day.

onsdag, oktober 16, 2013

Autumn and more.... :-)

It's autumn, nothing to do about it, just accept it and smile. :-)
I would like to share some pictures I took in Lillehammer last week.
Beautiful colors.

 When I was in Lillehammer I could not resist purchasing some fabric.
As you know I will attend the sew together 100 City Blocks, and here you can see some of the fabric I will use.
 This beauties I purchased at
Agnes will always help you to find what you need, and she has a lot of tempting fabrics... :-)
All my fabric is washed and ironed and ready to cut....

If you missed my guest post at Jane's on Monday, you can see the quilt top and the embroidery I presented here:

Have a nice day.


mandag, oktober 14, 2013

onsdag, oktober 02, 2013

60's bloghop, MY day... :-)

When this blog hop was announced by mdm Samm I joined right away.
The batik I had purchased long time ago, without any plan for the end use. ( as often is the case, or??)  So I thought, no problem at all.....
Then I started to think.
60's ...........
What did my 60's look like?
Well, it was Elvis, Tommy Steel, Bob Dylan, Beatles,  sailing boats and Jazz. JAZZ !! That's it.
In my hometown Molde, a couple of young men  from Storyville Jazz Club  started to think BIG! They would like to arrange a Jazz festival, an International Jazz Fesitval!!  In little Molde, a small village on the coast of Norway, in the middle of close to nowhere..!
 We did not have an airport, and  no railroad.  The closest airport was in Alesund, and that was on the other side of the fjord, with a ferry,  and some extra miles to drive, and the roads was not a highway.
But sometimes miracles happens....
In 1961 they got a festival for the first time.

Take a look. The artist gallery is just amazing.
Remember Dexter GordonJimmy Witherspoon, Keith Jarrett, Ben Webster and so and so on??
The list is endless. From the later years we had Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, and
Carla Bley,  just to point out some artists.

The Street Parade ( this picture is from 2010) is one of the big events for everyone. Marching in the main street, and a lot of the artists participating, walk along, and play.

They also attracted a lot of pop artists as Bob Dylan, Sting, Van Morríson, Leonard Cohen and Eric Clapton.
And remember, this is still a small village with ca. 25000 inhabitants on the  west cost of Norway.

Think then a young girl like me, ( born in 1949) walking into town, and listening to a concert with Dexter Gordon??!!
The BIG world had come to Molde!

So, I had a plan.
I  got some embroidery thread from Jane  ( se the side of my blog)  witch I should use for a challenge on her blog.  This I used for the pictures on the front of my pillow ( that means I had to make some new ones for her challenge... but I had more thread left, so no problem... )

On the back side, the JAZZ and the music got all the attention...  :-)

So, Thank You  Mdm Samm from Sew We Quilt   and Mary  from I Piece 2-Mary  for arranging this blog hop: It took me back to the 60's and a lot of hidden memories .  :-)

And the result looks like this:
The embroidery on black fabric. I made all the patterns to fit my small blocks.
I tried to get the sense of the time, with love,  flowers and  peace.
The pillow sewn with batik. I love the way it turned out. :-)

                                      And don't forget to visit my fellow bloggers today.

                                                            Hill Valley Quilter
InGa (Me)
Enjoy the blog hop. :-)