fredag, august 30, 2013

Hasenbach Challenge 2013

The last day of August is here, and it's time to publish what we have managed this month.

I joined this challenge very late, in August as a fact, but I made 2 blocks. :-)

The snow-covered house, and the Birdfeeder.
I have to say that I made a mistake with the Birdfeeder, and discovered it too late.
One of the pieces had a wrong color on the pattern, and I did not check out the picture of the block before I sewed it..... :-(
I will not rip it, so I need to come up with a good idea to cover it up later.....

The House:

and the Birdfeeder:

Both blocks are 8x8 inch.

I will also add some applications of flowerpots and so on later.

Visit this blog and you will se the others also participating in this challenge. :-)

I wish you all a creative and pleasant weekend, and hope you are busy with the Challenge.
Until the next time... 
regards Ingrid


tirsdag, august 27, 2013

Paper piecing or socks??

Paper piecing?
It helps to be a  little tiny bit mad....
Or what do you say about this block??

I started yesterday, and it's a looong way to go. Hopefully I will have a finished block to show you on the 31st......   :-)

When making the Block of the M with, I avoided the PP  blocks, they looked just too much. And then I go ahead and join this PP challenge in the Blogworld !! I must be a little bit mad, I think....
Just look at my right hand side of the blog, on the Hasenbach Challenge 2013.

Or, ( if I use my brain)  I could use the time to knit more socks.....
I have 3 grandchildren in Norway, and I would like to surprise them with a pare the next time I'm visiting. It's sure much more practical, but who would be that all the time??
I say, be a little bit mad, You only have one life ( as fare as I know)

Pink/cerise  socks with white stripes. When wearing they could be pushed down so only the pink will show, and the tiny stripe of mixed colors on the top.
Knitted with double yarn, 1 thread cotton and one alpaca.
Soft and warm.
Have a nice day.  :-)

mandag, august 26, 2013

Busy weekend

Denne helgen ble hektisk...
På lördag var det full akivitet. Först var det football med et barnbarn i Ystad.( desverre ikke noe bilde).
Så var det hockey i Lund med barnbarn nr 2.

Early start on the season for one of the grandchildren...

Deretter ble det marknad på Bosjökloster i Höör, og middag på Ringsjöens Wärdshus.
På natten ble mest mageknip og ikke mye sövn. Akk ja...

Dette tredet på Bosjökloster er meget gammelt, på andre siden er stammen hul.
Take look at this page, it's a beautiful old castle.
I look very tiny in front of this old tree. It's hollow on the backside.

Litt paper piecing ble det tid til i helgen.
Hele blokket skal presenteres den 31, det er en del av en utfordring jeg har blitt med på, så her er bare en liten titt.
Some PP was made during the weekend. It's a part of a Winter picture made by Claudia Hasenbach.
The block will be presented on the 31st.

Egentlig skulle jeg nok ha pusset vinduer, for disse to henger der og viser seg frem I all sin prakt...
I should bee cleaning window's instead of PP, because this 2 are on a visit ( on the outside !! )
When I remove them, they are back in 2days time, or so.... :-(
We are so close to the sea, and this tiny small creatures are everywhere...
Aren't they beautiful?
Have a nice day.


onsdag, august 21, 2013

Visit in Tromsö :-)

Vi var en tur i Tromsö i helgen. Flott natur og trivelig selskap.
Fikk hilse på dattern som har reist opp dit for å jobbe i 1 år. Hun stortrives :-)
..og det forstår jeg.

We visited Trömsö in Norway this weekend. The city is one of biggest north of the Polar Circle.

Litt av hva vi så:
This is a few pictures of all the things we found:


Ishavskatedralen sett fra sentrum
The church seen from the city center.

Sommaröy, flott korallsand

Vistit at Sommaröy, a small island at the coast, on 69 close to 70 degree north, 350 km north of the Polar Circle....

if you like to see pictures taken by others, from Sommaröy and Tromsö.....

Back to my pictures....
Coral sand, at 69  north

Grötfjord, og en Tjeld
Big rock at the beach at Grötfjord, and the bird watching us...
It's the North Atlantic ocean in the west...

We had coffee and sandwithces with us.
Tasted marvelous.....

The Polar Museum, in Tromsö

Visit at the Polar Museum. This is a Flag that Roald Amundsen had on his trips.
Its was many things to see, also a small polar bear, only 3 mnt. old....

I also delivered some socks I made before the trip, and they became popular.
Have a nice day.

torsdag, august 15, 2013

½ a sock :-)

Hello again.
Still summer, but the evenings are getting darker, and it's cooler in the morning.
I don't want the autumn to come yet, but I think we have no choice.

regarding socks, I will show how it looks when the heel is ready, and I can start picking up stiches on
the edge of the heel.

torsdag, august 08, 2013

August, it started raining.....

Vi har hatt uker med sydenvär her i Malmö, men i dag var det "bare" 21 grader og det har startet å regne.....
Faktisk ganske skjönt. :-)

Jeg har tovet et par sokker som var ferdige före sommerferien, og slik ble de.

In Malmö we had hot weather the last weeks, but today it started raining, and it felt good. :-)
I washed and felted a pair of socks I knitted before the summer vacation, and they turned out like this.

Var en tur på Lillehammer i helgen, og det er litt trolsk når tåken siger opp over vannet.
During the weekend we visited my mam in Lillehammer.
The fog is lifting from the water in the morning....

Min kjekke mamma skal også få bli med denne gangen, hun er 86 år.
Tenk så heldig jeg er som har en slik en mamma :-)

This is my beautiful mam, she is 86, soon 87. I'm so happy that I have her. :-), she is just marvelous.
In the evenings we are playing China chess, and she often wins....
Og så har jeg sydd enda en gjennomsiktig liten pung, passer til både sminke og sysaker.
.. and this is the latest small make up purse, or sewing purse I made....
Ha en fin dag. ;-)
Have a nice day.