mandag, september 30, 2013

Hasenbach Challenge, last day of the month :-)

Today it's the last day of the month, again.
I can't understand where all the 30 days went....
We have been away for a week, and I will show you later where we went. I can tell you we drove on the left hand side of the road, and that there were a lot of whisky distilleries, :-)

Anyway, I have done a lot of sewing as well. On Thursday I will present one item I made, all I can tell you is that's about the 60is.... and batik. That was a lot of fun...... Don't miss that post...!!!

And I have been knitting socks, and done a lot of embroidery..... >>>>
and been for 1 whole day at a Hockey arena in Trelleborg, watching one of the grandchildren playing a tournament. His team won the cup, and that was great fun as well. :-)

AND THEN I made just some small blocks of PP. The time did not allow any more, but there will be more end October.  OK?
Hope you are not disappointed. PP is more fun the I expected, but it takes time.
So this is my only achievement this month:

Have a nice day, and enjoy the other participants in this challenge as well.
You find the link with picture on the side of the blog. Can't miss it. :-)


tirsdag, september 10, 2013

9-ruter, I'm sewing Disappearing 9 Patch

Jeg har behov for en quilt til mitt kjökken i Oslo, og der har jeg en furu kjökkensofa.
(Jeg vet, det er ikke inne nå, men jeg har värt for opptatt til å male den hvit, som jeg har lyst å gjöre....)
I alle fall har jeg kjöpt på meg litt ulike stoffer i blått og beige, og nå har jeg skjärt og sydd, og lagt ut på gulvet for å se hvordan layouten ser ut.
Jeg kan bare vise deler her, fordi i midten er det et broderi som skal vises på bloggen til Jane, når det er min dag.

I'm sewing a disappearing  9-patch in blue and beige colors. It's for my kitchen sofa in Oslo. I need a quilt to throw over my shoulders in cold winter days...   :-)

Anyway, you will only be able to see part of it now, because I will have a embroidery in the middle, and that is part of the challenge on Jane's blog.

Lay out of the blocks in 2 different ways.
I've  used the last one, and it's laid out on my floor.
I will look at it for a day or 2 before I sew it together, if I decide to change anything..
Have a nice day.