torsdag, oktober 31, 2013

End of month, and Hasenbach Challenge

Hello again

I have been sewing and ripping seems and been angry with myself for not washing this dark blue fabric before I started. When using the iron, the white star in the middle turned blue....
So I moved the paper, washed the blocks, and they now look like this..
They turned out ok, so I will use them after all.

And there are some more of this stars, in other fabrics as well.

This pots was in the last presentation as well, but I did not take another picture, so you have to excuse me. :-)

This two are new....

And I also did some more work with this house, put on some decoration along the windows, and a flowerpot outside.
I have been looking at the different possibilities of arranging the blocks together, and found that I think I will do it with small squares at the side.
It will then look like this.
Have purchased fabric to make the church as well, so that's the next block on my agenda.
Hope you all enjoy the Challenge, and that you are making more progress then me...

Have a nice week, and sew in your own time schedule. ( Some months are buzzier then others)


9 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Ingrid! For en flott jobb du gjør med denne utfordringen! Så godt at du fikk vasket stjernene, og at de kan brukes. Det blir et spennende bilde!
    Hilsen Liv Aagot :)

  2. Hi Ingrid,
    you really made good progress, you shouldn´t be so strikt to yourself.
    I like the way you added the squares, it gives the quilt a scrappy look. The thing with the blue fabric is a pity, but the stars turned out pretty anyway and I know that these little blocks are a lot of work!

  3. Det blir säkert en trevlig julkvilt. Beundrar ditt tålamod.

  4. Flott arbeid, men så irriterende når farge smitter av!

  5. you've been very busy. I only made 9 pieces of the 2" star blocks. Your blocks are beautiful and well done.
    greetings - Veri

  6. Så kjedelig hvis overføring ødelegger, flott at det gikk bra! Jeg maskinvasker alle stoff, tar ikke sjansen på annet! Ikke Jelly roll, da, så det er kjempespennende å vaske toppen når den er ferdigsydd.
    Spennende å se hva du skal lage med stjernene!

  7. Hi, verry nice work!!! It looks so pretty!

  8. Fick se denna för sent, annars hade jag försökt komma med. Så fin den blir.
    Kram Gudrun