mandag, desember 16, 2013

Knitting is ok when you have the Flu.... :-(

Been in bed for some days with the flu, and felt sorry for myself....
But, that's not a way to behave, so I had to knit to keep the spirit going.

2 pair of socks are ready for Santa Claus.

I tested a pattern  with foxes from Norsk Ull, but changed it to fit my socks. I only used the fox face, and the nose and eyes I stitched. All the long threads on the back side I fastened extra, so the little boy who is going to get this will not get he's toes in the loops. :-)
The foot and heal is knitted with double yarn, 1 thread 80% wool ( Opal)  and 1 cotton.

And this you can see is the same pattern as I used for the blue socks some weeks ago.
Again I apologize for bad quality on my pictures. I have to use my cell phone for some weeks, until I get hold of my battery charger for my camera. ( Left in my apartment in Oslo, on the last visit.)

Yesterday I felt better, so I did some sewing, ( a Tammy bag, and a small purse) but I need to finish  the handle and some buttons, so this will bee for another day....
Have a nice week.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, så fina sockor du har gjort!! Skönt att man kan pyssla med någonting när man är sjuk - för det är svårt att inte ha någonting i händerna. Nu hoppas jag att du kryar på dig så att du får vara frisk till jul.

  2. så fina dina strumpor blev. Härliga färger. De blir säkert väldigt uppskattade

  3. Hoppas du mår bättre nu. Vilka söta rävar på strumporna.

  4. Thank goodness you are feeling better again, but the illness had one good side, now you have two more beautiful pairs of socks.