mandag, januar 07, 2013

Red and Blue "nisser" :-)

According to the Story the Red and the Blue "Nisser" was not playing on the same field...
They were competing. Who had the right to pick all the blueberrys on The Moontop Mountain ?
Both sides had use for the berrys, and had to come to an agreement.

I had this lonely blue "nisse" boy, and wanted to give him some company. What happend was that this red "nisse" girl came by. Now I had to find out if they would be friends....

She has a knitted skirt, sweater,  scarf and a wollen cap...
and are a little bit shy.
It turned out very well, and they looks as they like each other.


Have a nice day.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jättegulliga och snart måste de vila sig inför nästa jul

  2. Ååååååå fine! Og så blide de er, hihi, virkelig til å bli i godt humør av :) Ha det fint!

  3. For noen skjønne skapninger! Kjempesøte;) Takk for at du vil delta på give-awayen min!

  4. Så søte de er. Koselig med nisser.